What to do after receiving a ticket
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What to do after receiving a ticket
I got a ticket! Now what do I do?

Here are some helpful tips and links on how to take care of a moving or parking ticket.

Parking Violations

You must pay the parking fine or contest the citation within 21 days of issuance. Failure to do so may result in additional fines and the loss of your right to contest the citation. Also, a hold may be placed on your vehicle registration which will require you to pay all outstanding parking fines before you can register your vehicle. (402155 V.C.)

To pay the fine for your parking ticket:

  • You may pay your parking ticket on-line. Please click on the following link to be taken to the payment website:
  • http://www.pticket.com/fostercity

  • Send a check or Money Order payable to City of Foster City.
  • In the amount indicated within the bail box area of the citation.
  • Include the citation number on the check or money order.
  • Mail the payment to: Office of Parking Violations P.O. Box 9003, Redwood City, Ca. 94065-9003.
  • If the fine is not indicated on your citation, you will receive a written notice of the amount.
  • To contest a parking ticket.

Moving Violations

If you did something in violation of a traffic law related to the movement of your vehicle, or that of another, or allowed certain equipment violations to occur when the vehicle is in operation, such as driving without your lights on at night, you have committed what are considered moving violations. Most moving violations are considered infractions, and tickets for them can be taken care of by pleading guilty and paying the fine, paying the fine and attending traffic school, or paying the fine and contesting the ticket. However, more serious offences are considered misdemeanor crimes and an appearance in court is required.

The back of the citation contains a wealth of information about how to take care of the ticket.

Click here to view a copy of the back of a citation similar to those used in Foster City.

All Foster City PD issued moving citations must be processed and cleared through the San Mateo County  Courts. We can not clear them for you or take them back. The front of the citation lists which court you must handle the citation through, and a date that you must either pay the fine by, or appear in court on. If you are a juvenile, you will receive a notification by mail of the court date and time. If you fail to appear or contact the court or correct the violation by the date specified, you can be charged with an additional misdemeanor crime called Failure to Appear. Your fine may also increase substantially.

The Foster City PD does not set the fine amounts, nor do we know "how much your ticket will cost." The courts determine the fines, and you should inquire with the court regarding the cost of the citation.

If you still have questions about how to resolve your responsibility to handle the citation, or you wish to pay the fine on-line, please click here to go to the San Mateo County Court Website.

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